• What the Florida Suncoast League is doing to keep players safe.

    2020 FSCL Tennis Rule Considerations

    The considerations outlined in this document are meant to decrease potential exposure to respiratory droplets by encouraging social distancing, limiting participation in administrative tasks to essential personnel and allowing for appropriate protective equipment. Note: This is not an exhaustive list and there might be additional steps in each school, to help prevent the spread of virus. Even when taking all precautions, there will still be risk of transmitting illnesses. Everyone should stay vigilant about the health of members of their teams. Lastly, the situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing. These considerations may quickly become outdated. Please keep up with the latest from the CDC and other health officials in your local area.

    General considerations to avoid close contact:

    • Avoid handshakes.
    • Do not congregate on the tennis court.
    • When changing sides, do so on opposite sides.
    • On changeovers each the player needs to be on opposite sides of the court.
    • Each player has their own set of balls that they serve with.
    • At the beginning and end of each match players are not to shake hands.


    • Players should bring their own water/towel to the match.
    • Players should not share tennis racquets.
    • Players should have and use their own hand-sanitizer throughout play.


    • Coaching and advice should be provided individually by the designated coach.
    • Observe a 6-foot distance between the coach and the player.
    • Advice may be provided during the changeovers only.


    • Consider the tennis courts policies regarding spectators.
    • Spectators should remain off the courts and outside the fenced area.
    • Spectators should NOT interact with players in any way.
    • Spectators will not keep score for the match.

    *Rules are updated often in accordance with CDC and League Guidelines.


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