TSA/Robotics Club

  • BRE TSA Club

    What is TSA Club?

    The TSA Club is a before/afterschool enrichment program that focuses on STEM education with project-based learning experiences. All TSA students will have the opportunity to participate in districtwide competitions that will showcase projects and skills learned. Leveraging the school district’s rich history of fostering a robust STEM culture within secondary schools, the TSA Club extends the pipeline by focusing on elementary students to generate interest in STEM education and potential careers. Teacher and/or coaches oversee these before/afterschool learning opportunities.


    TSA Clubs participate in a minimum of 3 major competitions. These give students the opportunity to participate, earn trophies and prizes, apply the STEM learning and engineering design process, and be engaged in school sponsored activities to experience a sense of community and belonging. Students must follow TSA Club expectations to participate in competitions.

    Tentative TSA Club Competitions (subject to change)

    ▪ 9/30 - Catapult Competition at Johnson K-8 School
    ▪ TBD - 1/27 or 2/10 - VEX IQ Challenge Scrimmage Samoset ES/Mills ES
    ▪ 2/13 - VEX IQ Robotics Competition TBA
    ▪ 4/20 - Water Tower Challenge at Manatee County Fairgrounds
    ▪ 5/18 - Boat Regatta Challenge TBA