Building 8 at Matzke
  • The Maintenance & Operations Department partners with our school sites and ancillary facilities to provide safe and sanitary facilities and grounds for students and staff to pursue and achieve the District's mission.

    There are five individual departments under the umbrella of the Maintenance & Operations Department:

    • Buildings Maintenance
    • Energy Conservation and Recycling
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Operations

    The employees in the Maintenance & Operations Department provide: maintenance and repair services, minor remodeling and limited construction; augment, assist and provide sanitation training and services; provide energy conservation and recycling programs and education for students and staff in 57 schools and 4 ancillary sites totaling 7.6 million square feet of building space and 1,382 acres of improved property.  The Maintenance & Operations Department handles all warranty issues for building and systems in the District.