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    The office of Drop-Out Prevention (DOP) seeks to reduce the number of students who become disconnected with our schools and eventually leave public education without their high school diploma in hand. All of our secondary schools (middle and high) operate school-based DOP programs known as STAR, or credit recovery labs to help students recoup lost credits from courses they have previously failed. If you or your child is interested in participating in these courses, please contact your school administration.

      DOP programming also includes our LIFE Academy, the Substance Abuse Family Education (SAFE) Program for students struggling with issues (see the Safe Schools web pages), and TAP Program for teenage parents and their children. The LIFE Academy is an alternative program currently open only to select 12th grade students who are academically behind and do not have any significant disciplinary history. Students enrolled in a traditional school setting must contact their guidance counselor for a referral to the program.

      The TAP Program is for any student (male or female) who is an active parent or an expecting parent. Because of the unique educational needs of this student population, TAPP services can be delivered in the traditional school setting or in an alternative setting, located on the campus of Harllee Middle School. There students will be immersed in a blended model of instruction and receive most of their academic coursework through an online platform. For more information, please view the TAPP page or download the TAPP brochure.



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