The Alternative To Out of School Suspension (ATOSS) program is designed as an alternative for Manatee County middle and high school students who have been suspended out of school as a consequence for certain violations of the district Code of Student Conduct. The program provides supervision in a structured environment, along with behavioral and academic assistance for a period of one to ten days. During ATOSS, students will have the opportunity to complete regularly assigned school work, receive academic assistance from a certified teacher, and complete behavioral reflection activities designed to assist students with problem behaviors that may have resulted in their Out of School Suspension. Students are primarily responsible for obtaining all academic assignments from their teachers and submitting them upon return to their zoned school. ATOSS is available on a first come-first serve basis with a daily program capacity of 30 students. Students who attend ATOSS will be counted in full attendance at their zoned school for each successful day completed.

    • The following ATOSS Center locations are available for parents and students:

    Download the 2020-2021 ATOSS information packet for students and parents. The signed notification form must be brought to the ATOSS program on the first day of attendance in order to be admitted.

    Download the 2020-2021 ATOSS information packet for elementary students.


    Students and parents are able to provide feedback regarding the ATOSS program via the below links.

    ATOSS Student Survey

    ATOSS Parent Survey

    New ATOSS Survey


    For more information or assistance, please contact Towann Jenkins at (941) 751-6550 x. 43042.