• BRMS School Supply List

    Supply List, Grades 6-8

    Filler paper (college or wide rule)-stock up on this now while prices are good! Students run out by January!
    Graph paper
    (5) 2-pocket folders with prongs. One of each in the following colors: green, blue, yellow, purple, orange
    (1) 1 subject spiral bound notebook
    (1) Composition book additional composition book required for 6th grade students and STEAM students only
    Pencils (and extra lead if mechanical) 
    Hand-held pencil sharpener (if not mechanical pencils)
    Pens (at least one red and one black or blue pen)
    Colored pencils
    Glue stick
    Earbuds or headphones
    Scientific calculator (grades 7 and 8 only)
    Additional items:
    Individual teachers may request items particular to their class and/or wish list items.
    Teachers always appreciate classroom supplies of reams of copy paper, tissues, dry erase markers, sharpened pencils, or supply gift cards.  We appreciate all you do to support your students and our teachers!
    Students will receive a handbook with our school rules and expectations the first day of school.
    Student Technology:
    BRMS is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school; therefore, if students would like to bring in their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to use at school they are welcome and encouraged to do so. However, they must take responsibility for the use and safe keeping of those items.  All devices should be powered off and stored in backpacks unless teachers have given direction otherwise.