Our School Clinics

  • Medications
    Please refer to the School District of Manatee County guidelines regarding medications at school. Students may not carry medication (over the counter or prescribed) on school grounds. All medications must be administered through the school clinic. The approved medical authorization form must be signed by both the parent and the physician. Medication must be brought to the clinic by a parent or guardian. All prescribed medications must be brought in the original containers and must have been prescribed within the current school year. Over-the-counter medication must arrive in a new sealed container. Medications cannot be carried to school by students.

    Health Screenings
    Health screenings such as vision, hearing, speech/language, dental, height/weight/BMI, blood pressure, and nursing assessment are conducted to identify possible communicable diseases and other risks to a student's health. After the health screening, a record of the results will be sent home with the child. In the event that medical follow up is required, a referral letter will also be sent home with the child. Referral letters do require a medical exam by a licensed physician. The school nurse can provide assistance finding providers or resources for care.

    Vision, Hearing, Growth and Development, and Scoliosis screenings are available to your child through your school clinic, regardless of whether they are attending school on campus or virtually. If you would like your child to receive these services, or would like more information, please contact your School Nurse.