Book a Room

  • Booking a room is easy. Please use one of the two methods below:

    Call or Email

    (941)739-5700 ext. 45000 or

    Outlook Calendar

    Use your Outlook Calendar to book the room of your choice. Go to New Appointment > Scheduling Assistant > Add Room > all of the Wakeland Support Center rooms start with WSC_Room Name. Select room, date and time. IT will show you if the room is available or not. Click on Save & Close and a room request email will be sent. Once the room is approved, fill out this form and return to our office.

  • Room Fee:

    The Wakeland Support Center renovation, furniture, technology and custodial service is paid for with U.S. Department of Agriculture child nutrition program federal funds.  We are able to have other departments use the facility however since the Child Nutrition Program funds were used and not the District General Fund we are required to charge for the space.

    Please see chart below for half and full day rates. 

Room Rental Rates

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.