• What are your office hours?
    Office hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00am to 4:00pm. We are closed during winter and spring breaks.

    How do I get to the Records office?

    We are located at 1 Matzke Way, Bradenton, FL 34208. The public entrance is through Gate #1 in the 2900 block of 26th Ave East (just east of 27th Street East intersection, past Mixon Fruit Farms). Look for building #7 (gold color) with “Records and Distribution” sign. Enter door #7-140 just left of the ATM machine.

    How can I obtain my records?
    You will need to fill out a records release form which can be found on this website or by calling (941) 708-8800, option 5. You will also be required to provide a valid state-issued driver license or photo I.D., if you are picking up your records in person. If you are unable to come in to our office in person your records release form must be notarized.

    Is there a fee for obtaining my records?
    Official Transcript - $3.00
    Official Vocational - $3.00
    ESE Records - $0.15 per page
    Psychological - $0.15 per page
    Immunizations - $1.00
    Verification of Birth - $1.00 (If no other school records are found)

    Can I request someone else's records?
    We can only release records for children under the age of 18 to the parent. Please contact the school the child is currently attending, as these records are only located at the school. We cannot release anyone else's records to you, unless they have authorized you to pick up their records by having the Records Release Form notarized. We can release directory information, which this District has defined as (1) Student's name; (2) Electronic mail address; (3) Photograph, video, film or other likeness; (4) Date and place of birth; (5) major field of study; (6) Dates of attendance; (7) Grade level; (8) Participation in officially recognized activities and sports; (9) Weight and height of athletic team members; (10) Degrees, honors, and awards received; and (11) the most recent school attended. Directory information can be disclosed without parental consent.

    What kind of records are available to me?
    We can provide a school transcript, if you attended a School District of Manatee County school and it has been at least five (5) years since your graduation/intended graduation or three (3) years since completion of a vocational program. We also provide immunization records, if available, and verification of birth date for students with graduation/intended graduation dates of 1986 to present. Please note, we do not keep copies of original birth certificates.

    If it has been less than five (5) years after your graduation/intended graduation date, please contact the registrar at the last school you attended.

    GED records can be obtained directly from the state website at http://ged.fldoe.org/.

    Can I get a copy of my high school diploma?
    There was only one diploma issued at the time of graduation. We do not keep copies of that diploma. The transcript has the graduation date on it and schools and employers will accept this as verification of graduation.