• SAVE Promise Club - Sea Breeze Elementary 

    A Huge thanks to Jill Hougland and Nikki Fortner, the amazing school counselors who started the Sandy Hook Promise Club for Sea Breeze Elementary School. In 2023, Student Support Specialist Stan Koci took over the club and looks to continue the tradition of excellence in student leadership. Here are some pictures of the Sea Breeze SAVE students during Start With Hello Week and the 2024 Great Kindness Challenge Week. Below are some pictures from 2022-2023. We will be bringing you more pictures or videos throughout the year.

  • Here is the message sent to staff in advance of Start With Hello Week:

    This year Sea Breeze is participating Start With Hello week. This is a national campaign that was initiated through the Sandyhook Promise foundation. Start with Hello is September 23rd-27th. The idea behind this campaign is to help recognize individuals who are isolated and withdrawn, and start with a simple HELLO. For our elementary students we will focus on the word COMMUNITY and how it relates to our school community (warm, welcoming, open, inviting.) There will be morning news clips that discuss isolation and withdrawn signs but we will bring it back around to focus on school community.
    Attached is a document outlining whole school activities, morning meeting suggestions and efforts to support the campaign from Nikki & I. You will receive a bag of cut out hand prints in your box on Friday afternoon for the following week. We will also provide a list of staff members so the students can figure out who to write to.
    Please tune into the morning news this coming Friday, Sept. 20th so we can kick off Start With Hello.
    To help incorporate the theme of Start With Hello, there will be literacy lessons in the media center that week. Please be sure to come at your scheduled time.
    We look forward to taking on Start With Hello, and doing it the Sea Breeze way! If you have any questions or concerns please just ask.

    Start With Hello Week Activities: 

    Whole School Activities: Building School Community

    Activity 1: Hand print cut-outs

    Each class will receive a set of hand prints, one for each student. During the week, the students should draw or write (only on one side only) a way in which they connect to people in our school community. What can students do to help foster school community at Sea Breeze?

    Each class will turn in their hand prints to the counseling department. We will create bulletin boards that resembles the Sandy Hook Promise logo.

    Activity 2: Handwritten Notes

    Students in each class will write notes to staff members on campus. The notes should compliment someone on who they are and how they give back to the school community to let them know how valued they are. All notes should be delivered by Friday, Sept. 27th.

    Counseling Department Activities:

    Meet w/Safety Patrols on 9/19 to discuss/review “Start With Hello” and the SAVE Club

    SBNN announcements starting on Friday, 9/20

    Media Center Literacy Lessons: 3-5 Invisible Boy & K-2 The Very Lonely Firefly

    Morning Meeting and Ice Breaker Suggestions:

    In My Shoes: Share stories of where your shoes have gone?

    This or That: Would you rather questions?

    If Yous: If You were a fish, bird or animal, what would you be, and why?

    If You were a Super Hero, who would you be, and why?

    Say Hello in Different languages: https://www.afar.com/magazine/beyond-the-handshake-how-people-greet-each-other-around-the-world