2020-2021 ONLINE Registration

  • How to register your child ONLINE:

    1. Go to www.manateeschools.net/FOCUS

    2. On the right, click on "Create FOCUS Account" or "Add child to existing account"

    After your FOCUS account is created, you can apply for a new student at McNeal Elementary and then upload all documents in FOCUS. 

    Here are all the documents you need: https://www.manateeschools.net/registration 

    Our registrar (Patty Lee) will contact you IF she needs further documentation. 


    *** If you are unable to upload the documents online, please call Patty Lee 941-751-8165 ext. 2013 or email leep@manateeschools.net to set up an appointment so we can adhere to social distancing due to COVID 19.


    Helpful hint: How to create a PDF of the documents you need:

    1. On an iphone, open "Notes"

    2. Click on the camera icon on the bottom

    3. Click "Scan Documents"

    4. Position the document you need until it's all highlighted

    5. Take a picture and click "keep scan" or "save"

    6. This created a PDF of your document. In the upper right hand corner, click on the arrow pointing up and email yourself the document.