• Guidelines for Student Dress and Grooming

    Our goal is to formulate a dress code which will promote quality education and behavior acceptable to the working environment. Students must wear modest clothing consistent with community standards as determined by the staff and administration in accordance with the district policy. Appropriate student grooming and dress are the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. All students must follow the school’s dress code. Student attire that is deemed a disruption to the learning environment will be considered a violation to the Dress Code policy. In a case of questionable dress, the assistant principal or dean will make the final decision. Violations of the dress code will be addressed as per the discipline matrix.


    • • All clothing should be size appropriate and modest; this means they should not be too large, too small or too tight and will cover all personal areas and undergarments appropriately:



    -Skirts/shorts/skorts hemline will be no shorter than the tip of the longest finger

    -When measuring skirts, dresses, or shorts with slits, the top of the slit must be below the tip of the longest finger

    -Shorts/skirts/pants must be fastened around the waist; no sagging

    • • Students may wear nylon warm up suits that fit properly and are in good condition.
    • • Students will keep themselves well-groomed, clean, and neatly dressed at all times.



    • All tight fitting jeans, yoga pants, or jeggings must have a back pocket or be covered by a shirt or dress that is fingertip length
    • • Clothing that exposes cleavage/bra/undergarments/bare midriff, clothing depicting and/or promoting violence, drugs, tobacco, sex, alcoholic beverages, obscene or suggestive language/gestures; any garment which is revealing during standing, bending, sitting, or moving;
    • • Pajamas or sleepwear, including lounge pants;
    • No leggings (All tight fitting jeans, yoga pants or jeggings must have a back pocket)
    • • Bare midriffs, backless tops, sheer/see through garments, and oversized arm holes, unless worn with an appropriate under shirt;
    • • Gang paraphernalia, jewelry, tattoos, or other insignias that display, suggest, provoke or may tend to provoke violence or disruption;
    • Jeans, pants, or shorts with rips or cuts must not expose any bare skin.
    • • Spandex/bicycle/racing shorts;
    • • Shorts, skirts, or garments covering tights or leggings must be appropriate in length;
    • • All clothing underneath jackets, cardigans, etc. must be appropriate. Halter tops, tank tops with spaghetti straps, etc. are not allowed underneath jackets;
    • Spaghetti straps of any kind are not permitted.
    • Tank-tops must be at least two inches in width on the shoulders AND have an under-shirt with sleeves OR an over-shirt that is worn at all times. Otherwise, tank tops are not allowed.
    • • Sunglasses, hats, visors, bandanas, or other head apparel are not to be worn or displayed on campus during the student day or within the school facilities at any time;
    • • Jewelry depicting and/or promoting alcoholic beverages, drugs, sex, tobacco, obscene language/gestures, gang affiliation or violence;
    • • No facial / tongue piercings are permitted. Only ear piercings are allowed.
    • • Writing on clothing, arms, legs, or face;
    • • Neck straps, collars, belt key chains and inappropriate jewelry (no spikes on necklaces, belts or armbands)-lanyards are allowed for ID badges only;
    • • Clothing normally worn when participating in school sponsored extra-curricular or sports activities may be worn to school when approved by the sponsor, coach, or Principal (e.g. team shirts, cheerleader, band/chorus/orchestra uniforms, dance team, etc.).
    • • Students are not permitted to wear or change into their PE clothes during the school day other than while in PE class unless directed to by an administrator.


    Shoe Policy

    Safe and appropriate footwear must be worn. Inappropriate footwear includes, but is not limited to roller skates, skate shoes, and bedroom slippers.