Community Service Verification Procedures


    Community Service Guidelines - click here


    Before you start a community service project, make sure you have read the Community Service Hour Guidelines above and understand the policy.  

    Step 1 - Complete the Community Service Verification Form

    Download the Community Service Verification Form

    Turn in the Community Service Verification Form to Mr. Hall or your guidance counselor.  Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for processing.  Do not begin your project until it has been approved, or your hours will not count toward Bright Futures.


    Step 2 - Complete the Volunteer Service Project Time Log 

    Download the Volunteer Service Project Time Log

    Bring the completed form to Mr. Hall or your guidance counselor at the conclusion of your project. Remember, the Volunteer Service Time Log must be filled out in order to receive Bright Futures hours.


    Directions for accessing the number of Community Service Hours documented for your student.

    1. Log in through the Parent Portal (FOCUS)
    2. Select the "My Child" Tab
    3. From the pull down menu click on "Child Info"
    4. Select the "Graduation" tab on the left