• As a student of Lincoln Memorial Academy you are expected to put your best foot forward academically and behaviorally.

    Students are encouraged to

    Be a:

    R - Responsible Friend

    E - Engaged Student 

    A - Aspiring Leader

    L - Lifelong Learner


    Failure to follow the Student Code of Conduct will result in discipline according to the matrix. It should be understood that at the discretion of the Principal or Principal's designee, these consequences may escalate depending upon the nature of the circumstances and the student's overall discipline record. Repeat referrals will escalate consequences in all categories. The discipline matrix is to be used in conjunction with the District Code of Student Conduct Book. All students are responsible for being aware of the contents. It is not possible to list all possible school violations. The Principal or Principal's designee has the final responsibility for assigning discipline violations.

Discipline Matrix

Lincoln Discipline Matrix