Student Agenda

  • Important Agenda Cliff Notes

    School Rules:

    • IDs must be worn at all times
    • No Gum
    • No Cell Phones in the courtyard or hallways
    • No texting or social media in school
    • It is not legal to film/ photograph any teachers or students on school campus
    • No running, tagging, pushing, or hitting
    • Students not invited to a field trip may not attend on their own and join our students
    • Students owing cafeteria and book fines are not permitted to attend end of year activities

    School Procedures:

    • Students must have a pass to be out of class or out of the cafeteria
    • Students must sign out before leaving a classroom
    • Students must make an appointment to see their counselor or dean
    • Students must be on time for class


    • Renaissance students are allowed (with an ID) to eat outside
    • Renaissance students must have their card and ID to use their privileges
    • Renaissance shirts must be worn to eat outside on Fridays

    Dress Code:

    • No pants, shorts, or jeans with slits or holes that show skin
    • No tank tops or spaghetti straps
    • All shorts and dresses need to be fingertip length
    • All pants must be pulled up with no undergarments exposed
    • ALL form fitting pants must have back pockets
    • No leggings
    • No undergarments should be visible
    • No hoods may be worn on campus
    • No face piercings

    A few important pages to reference:
    BYOD 11
    Cell Phone Policy 11
    Tardies 14
    Renaissance and Rewards 15
    Activity Eligibility 16
    School Rules 17-18
    Dress Code 18-19
    Cafeteria / Clinic 20
    Discipline Matrix 21-22
    Goal Sheet 23-24 11

    Braden River’s BYOD and Technology Expectation and Usage Policy
    As new technologies change the world in which we live, they also provide many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) encourages students to bring their own technology devices to school to assist their learning experiences. This document provides the expectations of Braden River in regard to technology use at school. Please note that students who cannot bring in outside technology will be able to access and utilize the school’s equipment. No student will be left out of our instruction.

    The only internet permitted is our BRMS guest network, unless otherwise directed by the teacher. Hot spots or any internet access other than Manatee Connect are NOT permitted to be used at any time. BRMS’ network filters will be applied to one's connection to the internet and any attempt to bypass them or infect the network program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access (hacking) to unauthorized data or information is in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy and will result in disciplinary actions.

    Security and Damages
    Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner. The School District of Manatee County is not liable for any device stolen or damaged on campus. If a device is stolen or damaged, it will be handled through the administrative office similar to other personal artifacts that are impacted in similar situations. It is recommended that skins (decals) and other custom touches be used to physically identify your device from others. Additionally, protective cases and security codes are encouraged. The student takes full responsibility for his or her technology device. The school is not responsible for the security of student-owned technology.

    Technology Student Agreement
    The use of technology to provide educational material is not a necessity, but a privilege. A student does not have the right to use his or her laptop, cell phone or other electronic device while at school except in the approved class. When abused, privileges will be taken away. When respected, they will benefit the learning environment as a whole.

    • The technology must be turned off while on school campuses and while riding school buses unless instructed to turn it on by a teacher or bus driver.
    • Devices may not be used in the bathrooms at any time.
    • The technology may not be used to cheat on assignments or tests, or for non-instructional purposes.
    • The student accesses only files on the computer or internet sites which are relevant to the classroom curriculum.
    • Printing from personal devices is not possible at school.
    • The student complies with teachers' request to shut down the computer/phone or close the screen.
    • The school district has the right to collect and examine any device that is suspected of causing problems or was the source of an attack or virus infection.
    • No texting, no photos/videos, and no social media unless approved by the teacher for instruction.
    • If there is approved use in the classroom, devices must be turned off before leaving that classroom.
    • Phones are not allowed to be out during passing periods (between classes).
    • External or portable speakers are not permitted at any time.
    • Understand that any of the above violations are unethical and may result in the loss of my network and/or laptop privileges as well as other disciplinary action.

    Technology Parent Agreement
    My child will be subject to discipline for texting during the school day without teacher permission. I also understand that if my child is sick, he/she MUST go to the clinic to call home. As the parent/guardian of this student, I understand that although my child’s teacher will encourage and enforce proper device usage of technology, it is my responsibility to check time stamps and social media usage to assure that my child is correctly using their equipment and time in school. In the event I need to contact my child during school hours, I will use proper procedures, and call the administrative office to get a message to them.

    Cell Phones & Electronic Devices Misuse
    1st Offense phone or device will be put in office for parent pick up

    2nd Offense phone or device will be put in office for parent pick up

    3rd Offense phone or device will be put in office for parent pick up and student will serve 1 day in ISS

    4th Offense phone or device will be put in office for parent pick up and student will serve 3 days in ISS

    ***Any student who refuses to hand over any electronic device will be considered acting in defiance of authority and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

    ***It is the responsibility of the student to notify the parent and arrange for device pick up.

    Progress Reports and Report Cards
    A progress report is available online at our FOCUS Parent Portal at the middle of each nine week quarter with each instructor's evaluation of the student's achievement for the first half of that quarter. Parents/guardians are asked to review the report with their child. Report cards are online every nine weeks throughout the year. Please be sure to sign up for Portal access in the office. 12

    Student ID Badges
    Students are issued a photo ID badge during the first quarter of the school year. For safety and security reasons, all students on campus are required to wear his/her ID badge visibly from the waist up at ALL TIMES using a lanyard. The student’s picture must not be covered or defaced. Failure to have the ID will result in a discipline consequence. Students must use their ID badge when purchasing food in the Cafeteria or checking out materials from the Media Center.

    If a student loses his/her ID badge, the student should report to the Main Office prior to the start of the day, and may choose to purchase a new ID and lanyard for $5.00.

    • 1st offense – Warning and student is issued a temporary ID sticker to be worn on the shirt throughout the entire day on campus. Parent will be contact via Connect Ed.
    • 2nd offense – Issued a temporary ID sticker to be worn on the shirt throughout the entire day on campus, charged $5.00 to student account and a student ID and lanyard will be sent to the student. Parent will be contacted by the Dean.
    • 3rd offense – Issued a temporary ID sticker to be worn on the shirt throughout the entire day on campus, charged $5.00 to student account and a student ID and lanyard will be sent to the student. Parent will be contacted by the Dean, a referral will be given for an identification infraction and student will serve a 1-day lunch detention.
    • 4th offense – Issued a temporary ID sticker to be worn on the shirt throughout the entire day on campus, charged $5.00 to student account and a student ID and lanyard will be sent to the student. A referral will be given for identification infraction and defiance and student will serve a 2-day lunch detention. Parent will be contacted by the Dean and a parent conference will be set.
    • 5th offense – A referral will be given for defiance and student will serve 1 day in ISSP.

    Student Arrival and Departure Times
    There is no adult supervision prior to school opening before 8:50 am or 30 minutes after the dismissal bell 4:40 pm, unless the student is enrolled in the YMCA Before/After School Program. Students dropped off and picked up by parents, guardians or designees must use the parent loop (the smaller parking area on River Club Boulevard). Parents, guardians or designees should make every effort to abide by the above times. For safety reasons, students will not be released to parents, guardians or designees during emergency drills, including fire and lockdown drills.

    All entry doors will be locked. Visitors must call the school upon arrival for a staff member to open the door. Visitors must report to the office and obtain a visitor pass or escort before going anywhere on campus. Any parent/guardian who wishes to visit must have identification and make prior arrangements with the appropriate administrator.

    Transportation (Transportation sections of the Manatee County Student Code of Conduct)
    The hard working, dedicated people who operate our school buses have a single common goal that cannot be achieved without the cooperation and assistance of the students. Their goal is to transport students between home and school safely and promptly. All rules of the school district and our school apply to behavior on campus, but also behavior on school sponsored trips, bus transportation and at bus stops whether on or off school property. Bus drivers can write referrals for behaviors observed both on the bus and at bus stops. A copy of the County Bus Rules is given to each student during the first week of the school year. Any student who causes disturbances on the bus threatens the safety of others. Offenders will be issued referrals and suffer consequences that may include detentions, in school suspensions (ISSP), and/or bus suspension. Repeat offenders may be subject to review for removal of transportation privileges.

    NOTE: The use of school bus transportation is considered a privilege. Students who disregard the rules of appropriate conduct on the school bus will receive consequences as approved by the School Board of Manatee County. Disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with Florida Statute 232.26 and 232.28 (school bus suspension).

    Car Riders and Personal Transportation

    • Students may not drive any motorized vehicles to school.
    • Students whose parents, guardians or designees pick them up will ONLY use the parent loop on the south side of campus. Students may not be picked up on River Club Blvd. or in the elementary parking lot.
    • Car riders may not exit the school by the bus loop and must wait at the parent loop.
    • Bicycles must be placed in the bike rack and should be secured with a personal lock.
    • The bike rack will be open in the mornings and at dismissal times. (The bike rack will be locked during the school day).
    • Students may not ride skateboards, scooters, etc. on school property.
    • REMEMBER, it is state law that children under the age of 16 must wear a bike helmet

    Parent Loop Area
    For safety reasons, students being picked up / dropped off in a car will not be able to leave our parent loop area. Parents must go through the line and pick up / drop off within the designated loading and unloading area. Students that load or unload on the street, in our parking lot, in the bus loop, or in the elementary parking area will be subject to disciplinary infractions. When loading and unloading please pull all the way forward to allow more cars to move through the lane quickly. We know waiting in line can be frustrating, but please understand your student's safety is our number one concern, and we strive to keep cars moving up and moving on as expeditiously as possible.

    Certified School Counselors
    The administration team consists of a counseling staff that provides many services to the school in addition to one-on-one student counseling. They conduct orientations, review student academic progress, arrange schedule changes and maintain student records. Counselors are trained listeners whose main mission is to help students solve problems interfering with their education. They help resolve problems that are personal or social as well as school related. Students who would like to meet with a counselor must fill out a "Request for Appointment" card in the office. A counselor will send for the student at their earliest possible opportunity.

    Ms. Gillen A-L
    Mrs. Cristello M-Z

    Grade Level Administration
    An important part of the middle school staff is the assistant principal. The assistant principals are administrative problem-solvers who supervise all student affairs for their designated grade levels.

    Assistant Principals: Mrs. Cunningham -Last name A-LL Mr. Baietto -Last name M-Z

    Deans: Mr. Dixon -Last name A-L Mr. Batista -Last name M-Z

    School Resource Officer
    The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a sworn law enforcement officer of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department. The SRO is available to students, parents and school staff as the primary responder for any law enforcement related complaint or for guidance in law enforcement related matters.

    By Florida Statute (FS 232.09), each parent or legal guardian of a child of compulsory attendance age is responsible for the child's school attendance. The students are expected to attend all 180 days of the regular school year unless a situation exists which makes their absence absolutely necessary.

    Absence from school may be excused only for the following reasons:

    • Religious instruction or a religious holiday;
    • Sickness, injury, or other insurmountable condition;
    • Participation in an academic event or program;
    • A subpoena or forced absence by any law enforcement agency;
    • An appointment with a doctor or dentist; or
    • A School Board approved activity.

    Students who are absent more than nine (9) days per year must provide documentation from a physician to receive additional excused absences.

    In the event of an unavoidable absence, we request these steps be followed:

    • The school’s Attendance Secretary should be notified by the parent or guardian between 8:00 am and 9:30 am on the day of the absence. Please call 751-7080 ext. 2004. If you are unable to reach her please leave a message.
    • Absences not confirmed in advance by phone must be excused in writing by the parent or guardian. The written excuse is to be delivered to the Attendance Manager on the day of the student's return.
    • Making up missed class work is entirely the responsibility of the student and is due in a period of time equal to the total number of days absent.
    • In the case of a long-term absence (3 or more days), parents or guardians may request missed assignments with a 24-hour advance notice. Please call 751-7080 ext. 2006. Parents may also use FOCUS or Schoology to see missed assignments. Assignments should be picked up in the main office. Upon return to school, students must still check with teachers for any additional work or missed tests/quizzes.
    • When signing students out early, a doctor’s note must be presented in order for it to count as an excused absence.

    Tardy Procedure
    Students are expected to arrive at their scheduled class before the tardy bell rings at 9:20 AM. Students will be considered tardy if they are not in the class before the tardy bell. Students arriving at school after the tardy bell must report to the main office with a note from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the tardy.

    • First Offense (3 unexcused tardies): Counseled and warned by Dean and parent phone call
    • Second Offense: Discipline referral and lunch detention
    • Third Offense: Discipline referral and 1-day of ISS
    • Fourth Offense: Discipline referral/ and 1-2 days of ISS
    • Subsequent Offense: Discipline referral and 1-3 days of ISS and parent conference

    Early Student Dismissal
    Students leaving school before the regular dismissal bell must:

    • Submit a written request to the office from a parent/guardian prior to the start of the school day.
    • Obtain a special permission slip issued at the student services desk. Students will not be released during the last period of the school day without this slip.
    • Show the slip, at the appropriate time, to the teacher before being excused to leave the classroom.
    • Report immediately to the main office.

    A parent, guardian or designee must come into the main office with photo identification to sign the student out prior to leaving campus. We will not release a student to an unauthorized person during the school day. Only those people listed on the Student Personal Information Card with proper identification will be allowed to pick up a student.

    Any student returning to school on the same day must again sign in with the main office.

    Withdrawal Procedures
    Please notify the registrar at least three days in advance of withdrawing a student from school. Proper withdrawal of a student requires time on the part of the office staff and teachers. All textbooks, novels, library books from the Media Center, and locks must be returned. The registering parent/guardian signature is required for student withdrawal. The appropriate completion of the withdrawal process will assist with successful transition to the new school.

    Course Offerings & Requirements
    Middle school basic education course offerings are selected from the Course Code Directory of the State of Florida and the Department of Education and then approved by the Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services. Required course of study for grades six, seven, and eight will include:

    • Language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies for one school year in each grade. Algebra I Honors, Spanish I & II, Geometry I Honors, Integrated Science Honors, Digital Info Technology, and English I Honors may be taken for high school credits if the student meets specific placement criteria.

    • Electives such as Agriculture, Technology Education, Computer Education, Family & Consumer Science, Art, News Crew, media aide, office aide and Music (band, chorus, and/or orchestra).

    • Regularly scheduled Physical Education.

    Textbooks are issued to all students. Textbooks are the property of the School District and must be returned in good condition. Parents/guardians will be charged for damaged or lost textbooks. All fees are paid to the school’s bookkeeper.

    Homework is vital to success across BRMS’ curriculum and has a direct effect on students’ grades. Students should expect to receive homework that requires an increasing amount of time and effort. Students may also be asked to complete projects that call for long-range planning, independent study, gathering of information and the ability to follow directions.

    Media Center
    The Media Center is open daily before and after school unless otherwise posted.

    General Media Center Privileges
    * Media Center privileges are based on general school rules and include the use of QUIET voices (whisper).
    * No food, drinks, candy, or gum are permitted in the Media Center.
    * Individual students may use the Media Center during the day with a pass.

    Circulation Responsibilities
    * A student’s photo ID is required for book check-outs.
    * A student may check out two books for two weeks.
    * Books may be renewed for an additional two weeks.
    * Students will be charged $ .05 per school day for each overdue book, up to a maximum of $3.00 per overdue book. Books may not be checked out or renewed until fines are paid.
    * A student will be charged the replacement cost for a damaged or lost book.
    * If overdue books are not returned and if fines are not paid, student privileges such as field trips and dances may be denied.
    * The School District of Manatee County uses a web-based circulation system that links all public schools in our district. Students who transfer from another school while owing overdue books or fines to their previous school will not be permitted to borrow books from our Media Center until these books are returned and fines paid. The Media Specialist will provide assistance as needed.

    Quarterly Scholastic Grades
    Letter grades are used in middle school. Failure to meet the minimum requirements is indicated by an "F". Letter grades indicate the following numerical ranges, grade points and definitions: 


















    0.0 = FAILURE