• Friday, 4/24

    Connecting to the Internet 

    Are you still having trouble locating reliable Wifi for your student?  There are several ways to get online, even for our families that live out east.  The list below will help you pick what works best for your family.  The staff here at PCHS is committed to our student's success.  Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help!

    1. School Bus Hotspots - Everyday, busses fan out from the Matzke Complex to provide wireless access across Manatee County.  Visit School Bus Wifi on our website to get started.
    2. Free Spectrum Wifi - Spectrum has teamed up with local business and faith centers to provide free internet access.  To learn more, visit the Spectrum Locator Map and sign up for your free account today.
    3. Wifi extension at PCHS - An extender is scheduled to be installed by May 1st.  You will be able to park out by our gym (following social distancing guidelines of course!) and access the school's Wifi.
    4. Cell phone tethering - Most smartphones have a built-in wifi hotspot connection.  Check with your service provider for more info!

     District Website - A Great Source of Info 

    Looking for Schoology help?  Need to exchange a student device? Anwer those questions, and many more, on the district's Parent Technology Resources page.    

     Trouble Logging In?

    At some point, we've all experienced it... an error when trying to login.  These can be especially frustrating when it was working yesterday!  If you experience difficulty logging in to Schoology, try the following steps:

    1. Restart the computer.
    2. Clear your browser history and cache. Students with district machines click here to learn how.
    3. Make sure you are using http://mysdmc.manateeschools.net to login to Schoology and Focus.  Logging into Schoology directly may cause functionality issues.
    4. Use Outlook in Office 365 for emailing teachers.
    5. Sometimes, there are issues that are simply beyond our control.  If you still can't login, chances are others are experiencing the same issue.  Give your student a study break and try again later.  Let us know if the issue persists.  

    Monday, 3/30

    eLearning is here! 

    Today, Parrish Community launched eLearning.  Teachers and students reconnected after an extended break, and classes resumed.  Schoology, a popular nationwide learning platform adopted by the district, was overloaded a few times today, prompted Superintendent Saunders to release this message:

    "Our eLearning platform, Schoology, is experiencing delays in service today due to the high volume of new users across the country. The company is aware of the problem and working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Please have your student attempt to log in to Schoology periodically throughout the day."

    Students are encouraged to wait a few minutes and try again if they experience difficulty logging into Schoology.  Remember, if your student needs a laptop, internet access, or both for home study, please leave a message at extension 72507 with the parent name, student name, what tech you need, and a good contact number.

    Get Tech Help 

    Students and Parents can now enter Tech requests from the MySDMC SSO application while they are off the manateeschools network.  Tech requests are accepted through the app and not via phone or email.  Click the + sign next to Get Tech Help for new documents including, eLearning Support Request, Student Password Reset, Como Solicitar Asistencia Técnica de eLearning, and Como Restablecer su Contraseña.

    Saturday, 3/28

    First Round of Laptops Distributed; Hotspots Are Coming 

    PCHS distributed about 50 laptops on Friday afternoon.  We're working hard to provide our students with everything they need for eLearning. If your student needs a laptop, internet access, or both for home study, please leave a message at extension 72507 with the parent name, student name, what tech you need, and a good contact number.

    Internet hotspots are expected the first or second week in April.  We will follow up on those requests once the devices are available.

    New Resources Added 

    Today's additions include eLearning @ PCHS, a booklet with information regarding tech support, computer use, food service information, and language support. Free Community Wifi provides locations of wifi throughout Manatee County that is free for families without internet.


    Wednesday, 3/25

    Laptop and Hotspot Distribution Plans Being Finalized 

    The details for handing out laptops and hotspots are being worked out and will be announced soon.  If your student needs a laptop, internet access, or both for home study, please leave a message at extension 72507 with the parent name, student name, what tech you need, and a good contact number.  We will add you to the list and follow up as more information becomes available.

    New Resources Added 

    Two new resources have been added on the left.  The Parent Schoology Guide gives you information on accessing the learning portal, the home page, and the courses menu.  From Your Counselors provides details regarding registration, how to reach the school counselors, where food is available, what to do if a student is in crisis, and a host of educational activities available during this transitional time.   


    Monday, 3/23

    Welcome to eLearning at Parrish Community HS! 

    We are committed to continuing to provide a world-class education to our students throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond!  This site will be updated regularly, with all the information parents and students need to be successful in the new eLearning environment.  

    Earlier today, our district released the Instructional Continuity eLearning Handbook (linked on your left).  It provides a framework and answers many of the questions you may already have, including...

    • What eLearning provides
    • Attendance policy
    • Grading procedures
    • Special education students
    • Expectations of online instructors
    • Student responsibilities

    ... and much more!

    This week

    Teachers and staff will be working in order to bring a continuity of learning to each of you that begins on Monday, March 30.  By doing this, we hope to maintain our current school calendar and not extend the school year.

    Teachers will have lessons posted in Schoology on Monday, March 30th.  Students, this will be your first day back after Spring Break.  You will want to be ready to log in and learn.

    Our school office will be closed to the public but taking calls and emails.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions and also check our website, Facebook, Twitter, and the School District website for the latest news.

    Families without an electronic device and/or internet access should leave a voicemail at extension 72507 with the student’s name and contact number.  We will be calling you back and make arrangements to ensure learning continues.  For all non-technology related questions dial 0.   

    As with all online programs self-motivation and setting a routine will be the key to success.  We hope you and your loved ones are doing well and as always,  GO BULLS!!