• WElcome to the 2021-2022 Williams' Volunteer Training Informational Page

  • Volunteers: We are very excited to host volunteers on campus! After you have completed the training, simply bring your Driver’s License and have it run through our Raptor System the first time you come to school to volunteer. In an effort to continue to be safety minded, volunteers will be welcomed between the hours of 9AM – 1:45PM and will be arranged at the discretion and desire of the teacher.

    Visitors inside of School: We will continue to limit visitors (those individuals who have not been trained to be a volunteer) for indoor events. At this time, we are not open for parents to share lunch with their students and hope to be able to provide this after the holidays.

  • For a visitor/parent entering a classroom during normal school hours, it will be up to the classroom teacher in that classroom on whether to require the visitor/parent to wear a face mask.