How to Add/Delete a School in MySDMC App

  • 1) Open MySDMC App on your mobile device.

    2) Swipe to see page two, and click on the gold “App Setting” button.

    3) Click “Follow Schools” to display the list of schools and their subscribed status count (“0of0 selected”).

    4) Click on the school name that you want to add/delete. This will display a list of subscription options, including Announcements, School News and School Calendars.

    5) Select an option to subscribe to that content. Deselect an option to unsubscribe.

    6) After you have finished making your content selections, click the back arrow in the top navigation bar. The school’s subscribed status count (“4of4 selected”) should reflect the changes you just made.

    7) You may follow multiple schools by repeating the selection steps above.

    8) To return to the main menu, click on the back arrows in the top navigation bar, and then click “Home”.

    9) Your selected content is available by clicking on the corresponding buttons. For example, click the “Calendar” button to see the School Calendar(s).