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School Board Seeks Volunteers to Join Citizens’ Financial Oversight Committee

School Board Seeks Volunteers to Join Citizens’ Financial Oversight Committee

The School Board of Manatee County is seeking civic-minded community members to serve on the Citizens’ Financial Oversight Committee. The Committee currently meets the first Wednesday of every other month, or more frequently as warranted.

The Mission of the Citizens’ Financial Oversight Committee is to: provide oversight to ensure proper fiscal stewardship of operating funds provided by the one mill increase in the operating ad valorem millage; identify and measure relevant outcomes from the deployment of the funds from the one mill increase; and report results to the School Board and the community.

The one mill increase was approved by Manatee County voters during a 2018 special election. The School Board pledged that the revenues generated would be used to increase student achievement through additional instructional time and after-school tutoring; recruit and retain teachers and staff with competitive salaries; expand Career and Technical Education and STEM programs to prepare students for the workforce; and to support charter schools.

The Citizens’ Financial Oversight Committee consists of volunteers appointed by the School Board. The first meeting was held on May 30, 2018. Current and former members include business owners and professionals, leaders of community non-profit organizations, retired school district administrators and community activists. The committee members are asked to volunteer for a term that ranges from one to three years.

Those interested in serving are encouraged to send a letter expressing interest and resume to:
School District of Manatee County
Attn: Board Agency Clerk
P.O. Box 9069
Bradenton, Florida 34206-9069

Interested individuals can obtain additional information about the Committee by calling the Office of the Board Clerk at 941-708-8770 ext. 41155, or by emailing Brady Chapman, Citizens’ Financial Oversight Committee Chair, at