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Hello Samoset Families,

Words cannot express how concerned I am for everyone in the Samoset Family. This is an unprecedented event. Please take care of your family. I am sure most of you already know that the Governor declared no school for students until April 15th. Of course, we need to be prepared for this to be extended.

This coming week, your teacher will be reaching out to you with an instructional plan for your child to begin on Monday, March 30th. Please set aside time daily to work on the assigned activities. These instructional lessons and assignments are created to maintain the momentum for this school year. Your teachers are here to help and assist you and your child. Please communicate either through Dojo, Schoology, phone, or email with any questions or concerns. 

The school district has a plan for distributing devices and internet capability as needed. School staff will be reaching out to you this week to make sure your child has everything they need to participate in the eLearning through Schoology.  If you do not have access to a device or internet, please let them know.  They will also be ensuring you are able to access our SDMC Single Sign On site along with our Schoology App and other instructional Apps. Please look under the Parent Tab on the front of the website for information to sign on to Schoology. There are step by step instructions.


If any of the assignments are causing stress in the household or if you are wanting additional resources, please let your teacher know. They will help you to make the work manageable. Also, please be sure to allow your child time to play and have downtime. PE and recess should absolutely be a part of their daily schedule.

The school will be closed to students until April 15th. However, the phone lines will be monitored and email checked every workday starting Monday, March 23. Your teachers are your main point of contact, but our front office lines will be open, as well. We will continue to support you and your child to the best of our ability.  


Below are a couple of articles you may find useful.


Please continue to monitor our Connect ED phone messages, Samoset Facebook, and our website for updated or new information. Feel free to email me if you have a question that your teacher is unable to answer.

Please stay safe,

Maribeth Mason

Principal, Samoset Elementary School


Letter from the Principal 3 22 20 - English