Honoring Black History Month in Our Schools

Teachers, administrators, and students across the School District of Manatee County celebrated Black History Month during February 2021. 
Click here to see examples of recognitions and celebrations that took place in our schools.



WHEREAS, the month of February is set aside each year to honor, celebrate and remember the struggles, achievements, sacrifices and contributions Black Americans have made on behalf of the United States of America and the World; and

WHEREAS, the honoring of Black History in America dates back to 1926 and is now recognized and remembered with month-long celebrations in other countries including Canada and the United Kingdom; and

WHEREAS, Black or African American citizens have made rich and vibrant contributions to the history and culture of the State of Florida and to Manatee County even in the face of ineffable discrimination and prejudice; and

WHEREAS, Black Educators have played a prominent role in the history of education in Manatee County, serving in every capacity, from Bus Driver to Teacher to Principal to Superintendent to School Board Chair; and

WHEREAS, we are dedicated to the teaching and commemorating of the proud legacy that Black History Month represents;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the School Board of Manatee County that the month of February 2021 shall be known, designated, and set aside as:

“Black History Month”

Adopted with a quorum present and voting this 9th day of February 2021.


Charlie Kennedy, Chair

Cynthia Saunders, Superintendent