Clinic Information

  • School Enrollment Requirements

    Birth Certificate, Immunizations (DH 680), Florida Physical (DH 3040)

    All students must have on file the Florida Immunization Certificate (DH 680) as required by the State of Florida. Students must be up-to-date with all childhood immunizations within the timeframes specified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Requirements include:

    Tdap/Dtap           5 doses
    Polio/OPV            4 doses
    MMR                   2 doses
    Hepatitis B          3 doses
    Varicella              2 doses

    Immunization Information


    Clinic Services

    Care of the Ill or Injured Child
    The Emergency Health Card is required annually to adequately care for your child. At the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment each student will be provided a white Emergency Health Card for parental/guardian completion. This card requests documentation of your child's health concerns along with and emergency contact numbers in the event your child is sick or injured during the school day. This card is kept in the clinic and is kept in a confidential locked file for use by the nursing staff. Please notify the nurse of any changes in your child's health, medication, and emergency contact numbers.

    Injury and Illness at School
    In the event your child becomes injured or ill at school, every effort is made to contact the parent/guardian by phone. Phone numbers used will be those on file from the Emergency Health Card filled out in the beginning of the year. It is imperative that you continually update any and all emergency numbers with the clinic staff.

    Please keep in mind, that in the event of a true emergency, 911 may be called for your child to be evaluated and possibly transferred to the nearest hospital. If you have a hospital preference, please note this on the Emergency Health Card.

    Students needing to be picked up in the clinic should wait no more than 30 minutes. Please make arrangements with family members/neighbors ahead of time so that they are on your emergency contact list and available to pick up your child in the event of illness or injury.

    Medication Administration
    Please refer to the School District guidelines in your child's School Agenda regarding medications at school. Students may not carry any medication (both over the counter and prescribed) on school grounds. All medications must be administered through the school clinic. A Medication Authorization form must be signed by both the parent and the physician. Medication must be brought to the clinic by a parent or guardian for the nurse to evaluate. All medications must be brought in the original containers and be prescribed within the current school year. Over the counter medication must arrive in a new sealed container. Medications cannot be carried at school by students.

    Medical Treatments
    A physician’s order is required for all medical treatments and/or procedures and parents must provide all medical equipment and supplies used by students during the school day.

    Health Screenings
    Health Screenings are conducted, such as vision, hearing, speech/language, dental, height/weight/BMI, blood pressure, nursing assessment to identify possible communicable diseases and other risks to a student’s health. After any health screening, a record of the results will be sent home with the child. In the event that medical follow-up is required a Referral Letter will also be sent home with the child. Referral letters do require a medical exam, a physician’s signature and to be returned to the clinic for review by the school nurse. The school nurse can provide assistance finding providers or resources for care.

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