•  Activities at Manatee Elementary

    At Manatee Elementary, there is a lot more to education than just learning in the classroom. Students have many opportunities to get involved outside the classroom, which allows them to grow academically and socially as well as promoting self-confidence and leadership skills.

    Clubs and Organizations

    Morning announcements

    Manatee Elementary's morning announcements are broadcast live to all of the classrooms and are watched on the large projector screens by the whole student body every morning. The morning announcement crew consists of 4th and 5th-grade students. For more information, please contact Media Specialist Ms. Whitaker. 

    Safety patrol

    The Safety Patrol at Manatee Elementary is fifth-grade students who are selected based on personal character and leadership skills. They have many responsibilities in the morning and afternoon. These include, but are not limited to, helping students in and out of their cars, getting families safely across the car exit and monitoring the incoming and outgoing student traffic in the hallways. These helpful school community leaders have done wonders in creating a safe environment while developing lifelong skills that will propel them into success in their future endeavors. 

    STEM challenge club

    STEM Club is a club for all grade levels who have an interest in science, technology, engineering and math. This club is an enjoyable way to involve students in these subjects. Please contact Ms. Good for more information on this club.

    School Programs and Activities

    Field trips

    A variety of field trips are planned for each grade level throughout the school year. Students have visited museums, aquariums, and other fun and educational venues. 

    Red Ribbon week

    During this week-long event, Manatee Elementary has a variety of activities that are aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of preventing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, and to promote a drug-free lifestyle for students.

    Before and after-school care programs sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club and Century 21.

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