Reading Coach's Corner

  • Ms CurfaroDear Manatee Elementary parents and families,

    Welcome to the Reading Coach’s webpage for Manatee Elementary School. My name is Maria Cuffaro and I am the Reading Coach at Manatee Elementary. Although I may wear many hats, as a reading coach my primary and most important activity is working directly with teachers in their classrooms. I model how to teach reading and writing lessons for teachers. I also observe teachers teaching reading and writing and provide feedback on their lessons. In sum, I assist and support teachers as they learn new reading instruction skills and techniques. As the reading coach at Manatee Elementary, I act as the reading instructional leader of the school.

    As the reading coach, my job is different from reading specialists in that as a coach, I spend most of my time with teachers, not students. Reading specialists, on the other hand, spend some of their time working with teachers but most of their time working directly with students.

    I always liken my responsibilities to those of a coach in sports who assists and supports athletes as they learn their sport. Coaches are sometimes cheerleaders and sometimes critics. They guide athletes and help them become better at what they do. Likewise, as a reading coach, I support and guide classroom teachers and act as mentor and assistant.  As a reading coach, I use my own teaching knowledge and expertise to assist teachers in the complex act and art of teaching reading.

    Our principal and school staff wholeheartedly support my mission and believe that reading is crucial to fulfilling our purpose--to help our children achieve the highest of goals in school and beyond. It is my goal to prepare our students to become leaders at the K-12 level and beyond and to nurture and support the student’s intrinsic interest in learning and reaching their goals in life.

    I, and our leadership team, want our students to eventually graduate from high school with a full understanding of the social, historical, economic, scientific, and technological components of the global age. To achieve this, we must teach them to read so that they may ask questions, share insights, study, embrace challenges, and to give their time and energy to their communities. I am convinced that by accomplishing my goal, I will help graduate them prepared for the finest universities and with the critical understandings needed to engage and lead on a global level.

    Maria Cuffaro

    Manatee Elementary Reading Coach

    "To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark." ~ Victor Hugo